Sunday, 18 March 2007

Project progress

There are a couple of things brewing in the project right now:
  • The designer group at my company is going to look at a proper logo for the project and probably come up with a color palette for a better look and feel.
  • I'm scripting on IzPack, a Java installer that will allow much easier installation of the project.
  • The website is probably going to look totally different and much more professional. This also depends on the first point.
  • The forums will disappear and I'm going to push for the use of the mailing list as a resort for getting help. The forums are probably quite difficult to use.
  • I acquired the domain names and Those will be used to route to the actual webserver in a couple of days, hopefully end of next week.
  • Bryan has laid down a framework for unit tests and we're getting ready to put in place a battery of unit tests for better future stability.
  • I have opened up donations for the project. Part of the contributions will be donated to Apache, SourceForge and the Open Source Initiative. Check it out on the main page and if you wish to contribute, consider making a donation through PayPal.
So, we're not sitting still, there is plenty being done. I think that probably by the end of this month, we'll have a much nicer release of the project that should be a piece of cake to install and evaluate.

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