Sunday, 11 March 2007

Release 1.2.0 complete

A new release of Project Dune was just made with tons of bugfixes and new features. It now includes migration utilities to migrate from Bugzilla or Mantis. Users can now search in Lucene indexes for users, customers or issues. The mail queue is now separated to get ready for the future. DuneScrum styling has been improved significantly. There is now a remember-me function available to be able to go straight to the main screen.

This weekend has been a testing weekend mostly. The new features were coded before and were not a large effort to complete.

What we have next on the agenda is finalize the latest outstanding feature requests and changes. There is a re-factoring on the agenda to split the business logic from the service layer, so that the logic can be reused for different interfaces like SOAP. This re-factoring should not affect the release for the rest.

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